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Articles of Association (AKA primary rules)

These are the formal rules with which NBRC incorporated as a limited company. Somewhat dry as general reading, they may be useful for anyone who wishes to verify that we are a bona fide Co-operative or to verify that our claims to be fully mutual and not-for-profit are both true and contained within our constitution.

NBRC Secondary Rules

These are the rules that guide the day to day running of our company. They

include criteria for membership as well as grievance and disciplinary procedures

for members and employees. May be of interest to members or employees

(current or potential) other people thinking of setting up a co-op.

NBRC Standard Employment Contract

All NBRC Job Contracts are based on this template. Useful for current and prospective employees. We are happy for other Co-ops to use and adapt this template.

NBRC GDPR Compliance

NBRC value your privacy and we are committed to keeping your data safe.


Privacy Policy

Learn more and view our privacy policy

To Download Press the PDF Button For Each Section

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