What are your opening times?

Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm excluding bank holidays

How do I book my bike in for repairs?

We operate one a first come first serve basis, this allows us to do most repairs within a 48hr turn around.

Simply bring your bike down to us to book it in.

We like to be able to see the bicycle before we agree on any repairs to make sure the repair is logical for the condition of the bicycle

How do I pay for my repairs?

We take cash, card and contactless payments after a repair is complete

Do you only repair student and staff bicycles?

No! We will fix anyone's bike just bring it in

How much are your services?

We don't offer fix rate services, we only do the repairs that are needed for your bicycle to make sure nothing is missed

Do we offer student or NHS discounts?

Some of our rates are subsidised for UEA students and staff, these are part of the DR Bike service we offer. Unfortunately we are not able to offer NHS discounts currently

Do we accept the Government Fix Your Bicycle Vouchers?

Yes! We always do a free Health Check before using the voucher to ascertain what repairs are best to get done within the voucher allowance