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Repair Prices

Please note that the following price list is intended as a rough guide of labour costs only for the most commonly requested repair and maintenance jobs, and does not include the price for parts used. To give you an accurate quotation we will need to inspect your bike so come along and see us at the workshop!

Hourly Workshop Labour Rate                          £45      Box Bike Set Up                                         £35 - £45   

Tyre Fit Pricing

Basic Tyre/Tube Fit                                                             £10

Wheel Fitting

Wheel Fit Front                                                   £10

Wheel Fit Rear                                                    £18

Hub Servicing

Hub Service £20 - £25

Sturmey Archer 3 Speed £20-40

Bottom Bracket Work

Sealed Unit Bottom                                    £15 - £30

Bracket Fitting

E-Bike Work around E-Hub

Tyre/Tube on Motor Wheel                                         £15+

We will gladly work on bikes of any age and ensure that they are safe and road legal when completed. We also work on

bikes for specific disciplines e.g. track bikes which are not required to be road legal.

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