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Bicycles for Sale

To see what bicycle we have for sale currently please pop into the shop. Unfortunately we rarely have time to update the website with all the bicycles for sale.

All of our sales bicycles are lined up down the middle outside our workshop.

We rarely have children's bicycles for sale only adult bikes however some of them are definitely small enough for teenagers.

If you'd like to have a quick idea of what we may have just give us a call on 07903553286

Looking to buy a second hand or new bicycle and not sure what to look for?

Check out our Bicycle Buying Guide

Here at Norwich Bicycle Repair Cooperative we pride ourselves on refurbishing second-hand bikes for our customers. All of the bikes we have for sale have been rigorously checked to make sure they are safe and at the best running ability for the bike and for you. All bicycles are taken on a test ride before being put up for sale to ensure they are safe. If we can't ride them we won't let you buy them. All of the bikes we sell have a one month guarantee from the purchase date.

We can also personalise bikes for customers. If you come in and find a bike that you love but wish it had a luggage rack or mudguards or even hub gears and breaks we can make these additions for you with as minimal a change to the asking price as possible.

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