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Parts & Accessories

Within our workshop we have a small shop with all your bicycle necessities and a few extra items.

We have selected some of the items we sell within our workshop that are most popular and more permanent. We do not sell any items online unfortunately, but you can always call us (07903553286) to ask about current stock.

Although we only have a small shop area, we keep it well stocked with best selling items and many more that are not shown here

From pedals to puncture repair kits, to panniers and mudguards, to handlebar tape and helmets.


Cycle on smaller roads or in the dark a lot?

Like to see where you are going?

We suggest the E-LUME 250 or the E-LUME 500 to help light the way

E- LUME 250 Headlight

  • 250 Lumens

  • Daytime Flash Mode

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Up to 50hrs Runtime

  • £29.99 instore

E- LUME 500 Headlight

  • 500 Lumens

  • Daytime Flash Mode

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Up to 25hrs Runtime

  • £39.99 instore


Are you a city cyclist?

Stick to light roads but want to make sure you are seen?

We Suggest the Oxford Bright Light or the CP-R6 Quasar Combo to help you stay visible.

Oxford Bright Light

  • 2 Modes

  • 5 Lumens

  • Constant light for 50hrs OR 72hrs Flashing

  • 270 Degrees Visibility

  • Batteries Included

CP-R6 Quasar Combo

  • Up too 5hrs runtime

  • 3 light modes

  • 70 Lumen headlight

  • 25 Lumen tail light

  • USB Rechargeable


Cycle Repair Outfit £4.99

  • 6 Patches

  • Rubber Solution

  • 2 Tyre Levers

  • 2 Types of chalk

  • Sand Paper

  • Long Rubber Patch

  • All contained in a metal tin

Get punctures


Can't afford to keep replacing your inner tube?

Why not patch your inner tube with a puncture repair kit?

Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit £1.80

  • 6 Patches of various sizes

  • Rubber Solution

  • Sandpaper

  • Contained in a plastic box

Worried about your safety?

Want to stay safe but stylish?

Why not try the Oxford Metro-V helmet?

Oxford Metro-V Cycle Helmet £34.99

  • Removable Rear LED light

  • 3 Different lighting modes

  • Up to 20hrs Battery Life

  • Padded inside to sit comfortably

  • Fully Adjustable

Oxford Metro-V Cycle Helmet

We stock a variety of sizes S/M M/L L/XL

We also try to keep a variety of colours to make sure you can choose one to match your style

Also, did you know it's important to fit your helmet properly?

If you buy a helmet from us we will make sure it is fitted to your head before you ride off with it.

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