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Help Us Move

After 10 years on campus, there has been some uncertainty about the future of the service and as a result we have struggled to  maintain the level of service or expand and improve to the extent that we would like. However, there is now light at the end of the tunnel and the UEA have been working hard behind the scenes to keep the Dr Bike service and continue supporting it, and that includes providing us with a shiny new workspace to replace the current cabin.

There is a great deal of work, expense and upheaval involved in clearing the current site, paying to store stock and equipment, setting up our temporary new location, then preparing the new cabin to move back in to, and operating a reduced service even for just a few months will impact our income considerably. This will be a time-consuming and expensive process. We have some funds set aside but we anticipate that it will cost more than we have. For this reason we are asking all our lovely regular and loyal customers, friends and family, and anyone who loves cycling if they can donate whatever they can afford to help us with the cost of making our new workspace organised, updated and generally lovely to work in. Anything you can contribute, however small, will make a difference and help us to improve the workshop and the service we offer.

If you can afford even a couple of pounds we'd really appreciate if you could donate to our GoFundMe page

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